I have been teaching classes, giving workshops, and demonstrating around the country for over twenty five years.  Craft school associations include Penland School in North Carolina and Peters Valley Craft Center in New Jersey.   Numerous demonstrations at both national and regional conferences in the US and Canada including ABANA, Northwest Blacksmith’s Association, Sloss Furnaces, SIU Carbondale, University of Montana, California Blacksmith’s Association, Kootenay Blacksmith’s Association, Northern Rockies Blacksmith’s Association, and many more.

Class/workshop topics include:  Toolmaking for the Blacksmith, Post-industrial metalworking, Forging hand tools for agriculture, Interpreting natural forms in forged metals, Iron and music, Non-ferrous metal forging, Designing and building air operated forging hammers, Iron and energy, Charcoal making for the blacksmith, theory and construction of Aeolian Harps, and others.  I am still very much interested in teaching and welcome invitations from schools and organizations.


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Late 20th century class at Penland School posing as late 19th century