Jeffrey Funk has been working iron, bronze, stainless steel, and other metals for over thirty years in a small shop outside of Bigfork, Montana.  Whether in the realm of public sculpture, architectural metalwork, or functional work for farm and home, emphasis has always been on technical and aesthetic integrity.  Traditional blacksmithing is the anchor craft, however as is evident from the work shown on this site, stone, wood, cast metals, and other materials are often used as well. The forging of iron is at once very demanding physically and technically, and yet it allows for the most dynamic expression of the material.  The magic of fire and hammer are literally transformative, and my own amazement of the process has not dulled since first entering the field.  It is little wonder that deep into the history of metallurgy  the blacksmith has been both feared and esteemed as he converted the raw elements of the earth into objects of beauty and power.  Today, in a world so largely detached from place, process, and substance, blacksmithing offers an invitation to authenticity and connection.